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Joe Kagerer founded JEK Graphics in 1990 to produce and market computer software for the Amiga family of personal computers. After graduating in 1983 with a Degree in Electronics Engineering, Joe had a dream to create commercial software. The advent of the Amiga in 1985 brought high quality graphics ability at an affordable price. After working with the Amiga for three years, Joe developed several graphics techniques, including one for producing seamless patterns and textures. While sharing this technique at Graphics SIG with fellow artists, the question was raised, "When will this collection be available for sale?" ProFills was born...
ProFills Patterns and Textures
for Multimedia Productions
ProFills FREE online
Originally a commercial product, ProFills are now available for free online.
Click the link above to browse the selection of seamless patterns and textures. Feel free to use these in your projects.
[Pro Fills Volume 1,2 & 3 Shortcut]

ProFills Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are collections of patterns and textures for desktop publishing, video, web pages or any multimedia application. They are currently only available for the Amiga Computer.

For more information, email JEK Graphics.

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